Cleveland unveiled its new uniforms

Cleveland unveiled its new uniforms, featuring nine color combinations, on Tuesday night before thousands of fans who seemed to like the team’s new look following months of speculation and secrecy.After nearly an hour of buildup during a program honoring the team’s past, nine current players walked onto the stage wearing large orange sideline jackets to hide the new, Nike designed uniforms. When the orange, brown and white uniforms were finally revealed, Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam smiled and 3,000 fans applauded with approval.The uniforms include « BROWNS » written on the pants, and «  » emblazoned across the front of the jersey. Also, the words « Dawg Pound » a nod to the team’s rowdy fans are stitched on the inside of the jersey’s collar. »I like having Cleveland on the front because that means everything to the team, » Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas said.The Browns will be able to mix and match colors, allowing them to wear brown jerseys with brown pants, brown jerseys and orange pants and a traditional white and white combination Cleveland’s most recognized look among others.Thomas wasn’t crazy about the all orange ensemble. »I don’t think I look good as a traffic cone, » he said.

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